Portrait of Performance, 2017. Mortar vessel, steel frame, woven rags, bolts. 44” x 29.5” x 49”

Elevated mortar form, 2016. Mortar, landscape fabric, rebar, roofing felt, duct tape, found wood.

59.25” x 25.5” x 65"

Guest Shed, 2016. Concrete, mortar, 1/4" steel rod, fabric-backed vinyl wallpaper, cotton clothesline, shower door frame, steel mesh hardware cloth. 61.25” x 90.5” x 63.5"

Sedan, 2016. Landscape fabric, potting soil, bird cage, plywood, bunk bed ladder, wire, cinder blocks. 52.75” x 16.75” x 49"

Reservoir, 2016. Concrete, rebar, plastic construction fence, spring clamps, wood, 1/4" steel rod, foldable chair with cup holder, Altec Lansing Mini H2O Speaker, sound recorded from Chickamauga Dam Recreation Area. Approx. 120" x 45" x 52"

Elevator, 2016. Zither, electrical box, chalk line, wire. 15" x 5" x 95“

Table with Vessels, 2016. Mortar vessels, aluminum frame, wall paper, golf clubs, steel cable. 48" x 24" x 45.75"

49er, 2016. Installation of found and made objects: salvaged aluminum, hula hoops, rebar, aluminum flashing, gutter guards, salvaged wood, chicken wire, foam insulation, roofing felt, mortar, concrete cores. 13' x 8.5' x 5.5' (Two-dimensional work mounted on the far wall is the work of another artist in this two-person exhibition).


Pullman, 2015. Aluminum, roofing felt, concrete, rust, rope, cellophane
6' x 1' x 4' (Collaboration with Bonnie Buffington)

© 2016 by Stephanie Loggans