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You say my soul's the territory, and fatten me well, 2019. Mortar, roofing felt, spun polypropylene fabric. Dimensions variable

Flood Control, 2019. Mortar, roofing felt, steel. 

Portrait of Performance, 2017. Mortar vessel, steel frame, woven rags, bolts. 44” x 29.5” x 49”

Elevated mortar form, 2016. Mortar, landscape fabric, rebar, roofing felt, duct tape, found wood.

59.25” x 25.5” x 65"

Guest Shed, 2016. Concrete, mortar, 1/4" steel rod, fabric-backed vinyl wallpaper, cotton clothesline, shower door frame, steel mesh hardware cloth. 61.25” x 90.5” x 63.5"

Sedan, 2016. Landscape fabric, potting soil, bird cage, plywood, bunk bed ladder, wire, cinder blocks. 52.75” x 16.75” x 49"

Reservoir, 2016. Concrete, rebar, plastic construction fence, spring clamps, wood, 1/4" steel rod, foldable chair with cup holder, Altec Lansing Mini H2O Speaker, sound recorded from Chickamauga Dam Recreation Area. Approx. 120" x 45" x 52"

Elevator, 2016. Zither, electrical box, chalk line, wire. 15" x 5" x 95“

Table with Vessels, 2016. Mortar vessels, aluminum frame, wall paper, golf clubs, steel cable. 48" x 24" x 45.75"

49er, 2016. Installation of found and made objects: salvaged aluminum, hula hoops, rebar, aluminum flashing, gutter guards, salvaged wood, chicken wire, foam insulation, roofing felt, mortar, concrete cores. 13' x 8.5' x 5.5' (Two-dimensional work mounted on the far wall is the work of another artist in this two-person exhibition).


Pullman, 2015. Aluminum, roofing felt, concrete, rust, rope, cellophane
6' x 1' x 4' (Collaboration with Bonnie Buffington)

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