Stephanie Loggans is an artist and metal fabricator from Chattanooga, Tennessee. She received a BFA in Art Studio with a concentration in Sculpture from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Her work has been exhibited in several galleries in the Southeast, including: The Emporium Center in Knoxville, ArtsPlace Gallery in Lexington, Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery and Gallery 72 in Atlanta. Loggans was a recipient of the Mid-South Sculpture Alliance Scholarship for Outstanding Student Achievement in 2016 and 2017. She is currently a co-curator with VERSA, an artist-run space exhibiting contemporary art in Chattanooga. 

Curriculum Vitae

Artist Statement


I cast mortar vessels on the inner surfaces of tar paper molds. It is an excuse to sweat and curse, to produce for the sake of producing, to engage my core. The process is an exaggerated performance of the symptoms of hard work and productivity, in which I reclaim my desire to work from the pressure to present these symptoms as values.


It seems simple when I’m not doing it. In the process, I’m anxious and annoyed. I don’t give up, even though I believe I already let the ball drop somewhere and this is its shell, suspended. It makes sense to suspend.

A paper shell, wet and weighted, determines a form.

The mortar clings, but not surely,

falling apart as it comes together.

I want to see what’s really at stake,

To elevate without reassurance,

To cradle without comfort,

To suspend without reprieve.

It graciously slumps and folds.

© 2020 by Stephanie Loggans